Exciting New Treatment for All Patients + Opportunity to Participate in Our Clinical Study

We are happy to announce that the Rejuvenation Clinic at our New York City location is open, and we have already had great patient results with a revolutionary treatment. Our ReGen Pod is the best "commercial-grade" full-body photobiomodulation (PBM) pod on the market, and the first and only ReGen Pod available in Manhattan. While we recommend this medical device to all patients, The Shiu Clinic is conducting a study on the benefits of PBM for stroke, Parkinson's, and MS. Because we'd like to contribute to mounting evidence that photobiomodulation is an effective treatment for neurological disorders, we are offering PBM therapy to these patients at discounted rates. Please scroll down for our contact information if you or someone you love would like to be put on our list of study participants.

What is photobiomodulation therapy (PBM)?
PBM (previously low-level laser, or red-light laser therapy) uses specific types of light to trigger body changes on a cellular level. Similar to photosynthesis, which is the process by which plants convert sunlight to food, photobiomodulation uses light as energy to promote and enhance cell production.

What does PBM treat?
PBM is FDA-approved, and benefits a wide range of issues including chronic pain, inflammation, wound and bone recovery, and rheumatoid arthritis, among many other maladies. The National Institute of Health recognizes the efficacy of photobiomodulation therapy, and has links to some of the over 500 randomized clinical trials on PBM. The NIH also penned an article that speculated it might be time to consider PBM a drug equivalent. Professional and college athletes have been using PBM therapy for years to enhance performance and recovery. However, it's also a great tool for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle with optimal energy and reduced stress.

How can one treatment have so many different positive effects on the body?
PBM increases ATP production. ATP is the source of energy for every cell in the body. When cells absorb near-infrared light, their efficiency is increased. This increases the body’s ability to fight disease, accelerates healing processes, and reduces oxidative stress.

How is the ReGen Pod different from other PBM machines?
The ReGen Pod uses a proprietary combination of red and infrared wavelengths optimized for PBM and based on the best practices and most established research in PBM therapy. It is also able to generate an optimal dosage of light. For every device on the market that delivers an appropriate dosage of light energy, there are hundreds that don't even come close. Many LED systems couldn't deliver an adequate dosage even if you were to use them for 24 hours a day. With up to 8000 watts of total power output, the ReGen Pod is capable of delivering dosages faster than other PBM therapy devices, which means patient sessions are 25%-50% shorter than average (generally between 15 and 20 minutes). The Pod is also software-based, so programs can be easily combined and customized for patients based on size, skin pigmentation, and treatment protocol.

Like any other therapy, whether it's acupuncture, exercise, or physical therapy, consistency is important in order to see results. I myself used the ReGen Pod for the first time after aggravating an old sciatic injury while moving this 3,000 lb medical device into the office 😅. Unable to reach the area where I'd have to needle myself, I used the PBM machine and wasn't sure whether I felt a difference until the sharp pain dissipated from a level 8 to a 2 later in the evening. The following day, the discomfort was back, but after 2-3 more sessions, both my acute pain and ensuing limp were gone. Results will vary, of course, depending on the individual and ailment, but my own experience made me even more excited about the therapeutic possibilities of the ReGen Pod.

Please contact us at 212-350-0165 or for more information, a PBM consultation, or to be a part of our neurological study. We are still practicing at our NYC location 4-5 days per week and at our Hamptons outpost Friday-Monday by appointment only. We look forward to seeing you soon.



May 10, 2022

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