The Shiu Clinic


The Shiu Clinic staff is Trained in the Nanopuncture Systems as well as being fully versed in treating orthopedic and sports injuries. Our staff has vast experience treating professional athletes in major league baseball, football and basketball as well as the weekend warriors. The Shiu Clinic staff is composed of professionals who have earned their reputations in their own right as best in their fields. We have acupuncture and massage licensed staff and major hospital trained physical therapists all working seamlessly and harmoniously toward one objective —making you better and thus living longer.

The Shiu Clinic utilizes the latest in neuroscience technology including class 4 laser light needles, Infared Laser technology, advanced customized herbal formulas which target the neural pathways of the body, and even facial acupuncture techniques which revitalizes the brain and cranial nerves.

The Shiu Clinic is a zen and peaceful environment which itself promotes the healing process from the second you step into our waiting room. To make an appointment today please contact us at the following number.

Developed by Dr. Shiu at the Shiu Clinic in NYC, the 10-Day Awakening Program is a unique healthcare plan designed to restore the spirit and cognitive functions of the patient.

Including in this program are the following:

  1. qEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) Evaluation
  2. ReGen Pod Photobiomodulation Light Bed
  3. Nanopuncture System
  4. Chinese Herbal Medicine
  5. Qi Gong Exercises