About Nanopuncture

How It Works

Neurological Repair/Nanopuncture

The Shiu Clinic Nanopuncture System treats a wide range of neurological conditions including:

  • Stroke
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Concussion
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Nerve Entrapments
  • ALS
  • Parkinson's
  • Bell's Palsy

and more...

Nanopuncture is Dr. Shiu's unique acupuncture system that integrates neurological analysis, Eastern medicine, traditional acupuncture, and Dr. Shiu's specific neurological acupuncture techniques which he developed and honed in over 25 years of private practice. The result is a new, highly efficient system that can analyze where your nervous system's circulation is inhibited and directly reset and reboot your nervous system. This Neural Flush technique can restore function to various parts of the body, and offer significant neurovascular circulation benefits to strengthen vitality.

Restoring Electrical Balance (Neural Flush)

Our central nervous system and brain are like a computer, and our neurons and peripheral nerves are like its wires and circuits. When a body part isn't working, we need to locate, reconnect, and reset its “circuit breaker” to the brain.

Restoring Vitality (Shen)

Shen is usually translated as "spirit," and encompasses consciousness, emotions, and thought. In Western terms, diminished Shen can manifest itself in depression, with feelings of hopelessness, fatigue, emotional instability, and diminished consciousness. Healthy shen is the culmination of the body, mind, and spirit systems all functioning in synchronicity and balance.

How to Awaken Shen

Xing Nao Kai Qiao ,醒脑开窍, (XNKQ) is the famous acupuncture system created by Dr. Shiu's mentor Dr. Shi Xue Min. XNKQ translates as Awaken the Spirit and Open the Orifices of the Brain. Upon publishing this work, Shi Xue Min was awarded by the Association of Science and Engineering of China as a “Great Academician” in his field, the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in China. Dr. Shi Xue Min is known as the “Father of Modern Acupuncture.”

XNKQ was researched and designed to awaken the shen... After completing his studies under the tutelgage of Dr. Shi Xue Min, Dr Shiu returned to America returned to America and developed the Nanopuncture system to efficiently teach the Principles of understanding and nourishing shen from the XNKQ system.

The purpose of XNKQ is awakening the shen of someone who has suffered a stroke.
In order to give practitioners the foundational tools of XNKQ, our Nanopuncture classes teach:

  • The definition of shen (spirit) and yi (mind) and how to differentiate them.
  • Recognizing and awakening shen.
  • Grounding yourself as a practitioner before treatment in order to needle optimally.
  • Preventing your own shen from clouding your judgment or creating mental barriers.
  • Maintaining focus in the presence of patients expressing strong emotion.

Unfortunately, in America and in the West, the art of needle manipulation has been taught improperly or not at all, which greatly affects results.

Dr. Clayton Shiu

Freehand Needle Manipulation

Dr. Shiu is a renowned expert in the traditional art of freehand needle manipulation. Although he employs an integrative approach using cutting-edge neuroscientific technology, freehand needling is foundational in his treatment.

In the Nanopuncture seminars, Dr. Shiu teaches how to needle in the traditional method as taught to him by mentor Shi Xue Min. In each module, Dr. Shiu describes:

  • Detailed steps of proper needle manipulation to the moment of insertion.
  • Differences between using a tube versus your fingers for needling.
  • Receiving information from the tissue upon insertion.
  • How to feel for resistance and texture in tissue upon insertion and redirect the needle accordingly.
  • Specific hand exercises to improve the tensile strength of your fingers to assist with proper insertion.

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