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Speech Paralysis and Left Hemisphere Module

Part of the Nanopuncture Seminar Series


June 22-23, 2024


New York, NY

New to Nanopuncture?

Dr. Clayton Shiu developed a neurological acupuncture treatment system – Nanopuncture – that allows him to analyze where a patient's circulation is inhibited and to directly reset and reboot the nervous system to increase neurovascular circulation - a process which he named Neural Flush.


Very small or microscopic; among the smallest units of measurement in existence.



Most precise, efficient, and effective form of needling. Uses the least amount of puncturing to obtain the most sustained neurological and physiological benefit.

How it works

Nanopuncture for

This Neural Flush technique can restore function to various parts of the body, and offer significant neurovascular circulation benefits to strengthen vitality.

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