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Treating Stroke & Other Diseases

What happens during a stroke & other diseases?

When any tissue in the brain has a lack of blood circulation by a traumatic event or a lack of blood flow, this is called a stroke. Stroke happens usually as a sudden event, often also called apoplexy. The most significant red flags that indicate a stroke are a sudden one-sided facial drooping and paralysis, loss of speech, one side of a limb becomes numb or paralyzed, confusion and dizziness, and headache.

Symptoms following stroke fall into three major categories:


Memory loss, difficulty speaking, speech dysphagia, and speech aphasia


Upper and lower extremity spasticity, inability to walk, and hemiparesis


Depression, anxiety, apathy, and insomnia

Acupuncture for stroke rehabilitation and neurological disorders works primarily in two ways:

“Rebooting” the central nervous system

Our central nervous system and brain are like a computer, while our neurons and peripheral nerves are like its wires and circuits. When the brain and its wires are working correctly, it’s because the nervous system’s electricity is at optimal levels. When a body part isn’t working, we need a “circuit breaker” to reset it and reconnect it to the brain. Nanopuncture, the unique neurological acupuncture method developed by Dr. Clayton Shiu, works as the circuit breaker.

Restoring circulation to the brain

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a maxim, “where there is blockage there is disease,” and poor blood circulation is a form of blockage in the body. Healthy circulation to the brain is of utmost importance. It affects all areas of the body, including muscle growth, stem cell production, and hormonal balance, all of which are strongly impacted following stroke.

Nanopuncture was created to further elevate acupuncture techniques specifically for those with neurological injuries and disorders.

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