About Nanopuncture

What is Nanopuncture?

Every cell in the central nervous system needs constant blood flow and any loss of blood flow, no matter how brief, is considered a stroke.


Strokes can be caused by internal, constitutional causes or by external factors such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussion.

The Nanopuncture system integrates Western neurological analysis and Eastern medicine knowledge of the tendinomuscular meridians of the body, restoring healthy blood flow to the brain and spinal cord and allowing nerves to reawaken and regenerate.

Dr. Shiu has used Nanopuncture to successfully improve a wide range of neurological symptoms including muscle spasticity, different forms of paralysis, speech aphasia, and reduced muscle mass and tone, in both acute and chronic cases. These seemingly miraculous results are evidence that our brains have incredible potential for neuroplasticity throughout adulthood, not just childhood and adolescence.

The Nanopuncture approach to treating the brain includes a specific methodology for assessing the neck, which acts as a natural shock absorber whenever a brain injury occurs. In its efforts to protect and stabilize the brain, the neck becomes inflamed, which impacts major blood vessels like the vertebral basilar artery and the paraspinal arteries. This disruption of circulation, in turn, affects the circle of Willis, which is a superhighway network of blood vessels, and impacts the supply of oxygenated blood to the brain.


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